Michael Smith to present at the CSBA Legal Symposium for Experienced Board Members

Join Michael Smith at the Legal Symposium for Experienced Board Members at the San Diego Convention Center on Wednesday, December 4 between 10:00 – 11:00am.

Shake On It: Contracts, Agreements & Evaluations
Establishing the contractual relationship with the Superintendent is one of the most critical roles of a school board. In addition to covering standard contract terms and requirements such as length of the contract, renewal, levels of compensation, buy outs due to early termination, this workshop will address best governance practices related to evaluation and separation. As your district embraces the Common Core State Standards, holding your students accountable for a more rigorous paradigm, it is imperative that your leadership is, similarly, held accountable with equal rigor. What language must be embedded into the superintendent’s contract to demonstrate that all education professionals are held accountable for student achievement? These critical questions will be discussed by this legal panel.

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